Now Finished – Thank you to everyone who took part. 39 people volunteered which resulted in at least 960 images. I’m now developing the images and sorting them out so bear with me.

Vision 2020 – your view – be part of a record for 2020

I’m looking for people to photograph for my Master’s course in photography between the Monday 17 August and Sunday 6 September.

It will only take about an hour of your time and be shot on location between Folkestone and Dungeness.

I’d like to capture your hopes, dreams or perhaps concerns for the future.

Your photograph will only be used in public display with your permission.


Any time from Monday 17 August to Sunday 6 September 2020.


I’ve scouted the following places as suggestions for the photoshoots and we can discuss the best place. A complete list is here.

All photos will be taken outside with good social distancing.

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I would like to capture how people are feeling, particularly about the future. The Brexit transition period comes to an end at the end of the year and I suspect COVID-19 will be with us for a little while but are you feeling hopeful for the future? Or perhaps not; the future is of concern.

Does something, an object, sum-up your hopes or concerns? If it does I would love to photograph you holding the object. You can wear what you want; costume or not.

All photos will be taken outside, using mostly natural light, and I will use film rather than digital, to produce a classic colour image. The photos will be full body and can be a single or group of people.

Everyone taking part will receive a high-quality colour print in a classic format. I also intend to produce a book.

Please note: for safeguarding reasons I can only take photos of people over 18.

About Me

I’m a mature student (59 years old). After pursuing photography as a hobby for 20 years whilst working in IT, I decided to take the plunge and study for a Masters in Photography at Ulster University. Part of this course is the requirement to complete a suitable project. The results of 2020 Vision will therefore be an important part of my master’s degree.

I have a close connection with Folkestone, Sandgate and Hythe, having lived and visited for the past 18 years.

Rob Stead

My University Card

If you have any concerns you can check my credentials by contacting my tutor, Ken Grant: https://pure.ulster.ac.uk/en/persons/ken-grant

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